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The Lord Bishop of Connor
The Rt. Rev. A. H. Butler, M.B.E., D.D.
The Lord Bishop of Connor, The Rt. Rev. A. H. Butler, M.B.E., D.D.
The Lord Bishop of Connor, The Rt. Rev. A. H. Butler, M.B.E., D.D.
I commend this booklet to the parishioners and all who are interested in the building of this new church in the parish of Kilmakee, which is to be consecrated in the name of St. Hilda. "A dream comes true" tells how St. Hilda came to be chosen as the patron saint and why she should be chosen. It gives a clear explanation of why the church is built in a style that is probably new to most of those who will be using it. It is particularly encouraging to find that so many people have made gifts for the adornment of this House of God.
I congratulate the Reverend E. J. Moore and all who have helped to produce this invaluable booklet and I pray for God's Blessing on the new church of St. Hilda.
This booklet is produced to mark the occasion of the Consecration of the Parish Church of St. Hilda. It is meant as a guide to the Church, its meaning and historical background, and as a souvenir of an occasion of which not every one has the privilege to be part. It is not only a tribute to the life and work of St. Hilda to whom the Church is dedicated, but also to the work of the rector and people of St. Colman's Parish Church, Dunmurry, and the clergy and people of Kilmakee. Evidence of the devotion of the people of Kilmakee can be seen in the large number of gifts which they have presented for the worship and adornment of this House of God, a devotion which I know will continue during the incumbency of the Rev. H. McKelvey.
It is with a little sadness that I leave the parish to move to a new sphere of work just as the Church is about to be consecrated. I will always have an affectionate regard for St. Hilda's and I wish Mr. McKelvey and the people of Kilmakee every blessing as this new chapter in the life of the parish begins.
I thank Miss Sheila Regan of the Diocesan office for typing the copy for this booklet, the Reverend Canon R. C. Ellis for reading it, and the Bishop for writing the foreword. I wish to acknowledge the help and advice given by the Reverend R. E. Turner with regard to the design of the Church. I thank Mr. Leslie McCarrison, the music critic "Rathcol" of the Belfast Telegraph for the paragraph in "Features of Interest in the Church" entitled "The organ", and for all the assistance he gave in this matter. I also thank Mr. R. McDonald and Mr. N. Nichol for supplying photographs. Lastly, I must pay tribute to the help and friendship given to me in the latter years of my ministry at Kilmakee by the Reverend Canon A. P. Chamberlain.
8th September, 1970. EDWARD JAMES MOORE.